Infrastructure Assessment and Architecture

Use TimeLord Consulting's expertise in system architecture, network design, Internet web plants, storage solutions, and security to review your critical computer infrastructure.

TimeLord Consulting will be able to identify potential bottlenecks, architecture design concerns, and growth limitations in your current computer infrastructure. Recommendations to improve performance, security, and growth management are included in the Infrastructure Assessment.


Virtualization is not about running multiple instances of Windows Server on a single box. It is about getting better utilization of the your resources while improving uptime and availability. It is about using the storage you have already purchased instead of letting it sit there unused. It is about reducing the time needed to deploy new services and recovering from hardware failures in minutes instead of days.

Virtualization covers servers, storage, networks, and desktops. And you need to make sure that your solution provider knows how to look beyond the server and integrate the virtualization of all the components. Let us show you how to develop a virtualization plan that meets your needs.

Security Review

We follow the latest developments in computer security. Comprehensive Security Reviews include:

    Overall security policy review Standard Practice and Procedure review Architecture Review - as it relates to security Server security analysis Network security analysis External vulnerability analysis Internal vulnerability analysis

Always remember security's golden rule: Just because your parnoid doesn't mean that they are not out to get you.